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 The following are research articles I've done over the last few years. If there's anything of particular interest to you that you'd like to see covered, please email me at the address on the "Contact" page.


  1)  Snow Storm/Blizzard at New York City 2006-02-12

  2)  Ice Storm at Versoix, Switzerland 2005-01-26

  3)  Tropical Cyclone Gonu and the 2007 Onset Vortex 

  4)  The Manitoulin Fog July 28, 2006

  5)  The Brooklyn, NY Tornado of August 8th, 2007   

  6)  An Accidental Discovery of a Beautiful Lake, February 2008   

  7)  Undular Bore Over the Gulf of Mexico, March 15th, 2008

  8)  Merging of Two MCSs in the Upper Midwest June 3rd,2008

  9)  Study of Clouds in an Undular Bore 2010-04-02

10)  An Atmospheric Bore from Oklahoma to Mississippi 2010-04-30

11)  Gravity Waves Over New York City 2010-06-29

12)  Evidence of a Tornado in the Eyewall of Hurricane Hugo - September 22, 1989

13)  Brooklyn, NY Tornado, September 16th, 2010

14)  xxxxxxxxxxx